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Here I Come, Cumbria!

I have started to spread things out on the bed, my chest of drawers and the floor. It’s never going to fit in me suitcase! Help! How many pairs of knickers and bras can a woman need in ten days? Well, I managed to pack for two weeks in Scarborough, so perhaps this won’t be such a big effort after all. Lots of sporty clothes sounds sensible for hiking and biking purposes. This obviously means that I am compelled to leave all me beautiful evening gowns and high-heel pumps at home ;).

We’ve been looking at maps and walking tour videos on You Tube, making plans about where to go in the Lake District. We’ll fly to Manchester next Monday and take a train to Windermere and end up in Bowness-on-Windermere, right by the lake. Tuesday is for Beatrix Potter’s Hill Top and hiking, Wednesday for biking, probably in Grizedale Forest. Perhaps to Grasmere on Thursday and to a nice pub in Ings. Check out this link, if you’re interested in our choice of pubs:

Thursday is a good pub evening because it’s vappuaatto in Finland. A time to get crazy, start wearing summer clothes, especially if it’s warm and sunny, and take a stroll in town wearing paper streamer around the neck. The ones who know how to behave themselves drink coffee and eat doughnuts and tippaleipiä, which are sweet pastries and look pretty similar to American funnel cakes but are “curlier” and bigger. Those how do not know how to behave themselves get plastered, especially students, not us middle-aged ladies. One must be in top condition for the next day, Vapunpäivä, when people gather together for brunch or picnic (if the weather permits, today it hailed), wear their white or, if old, yellowish student hats (ylioppilaslakki), drink sparkling wine and watch a march through the town. Vappu is a traditional workers’ day in Finland, Labour Day, but the original meaning and focus of the occasion has changed towards having fun with friends.

For us Vapunpäivä will be the last day in Windermere; we’ll hop on the train again and travel to Carlisle, which will be our base for the rest of the trip. More hiking, more biking. Keswick, Hadrian’s wall, Dumfries…? We haven’t made our minds up yet. Perhaps I’d better concentrate on the essential and stop fussing about sportswear and plans. Here I come, Cumbria!

Originally posted on a private blog on 23rd April, 2015

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