MY BLOG 2015

Why publish posts from an old blog?

Why do I publish some of my old blog posts? Originally, I formed a closed circle of friends whom I asked to join me. We had got to know each other on a language course for teachers in Scarborough back in 2013. I wanted to see if starting a blog would turn out to be a convenient way for us to keep in touch and share our lives instead of writing individual emails. Well, it did not.

I tried hard first since I happened to be on an alternation leave and had time to write and take pictures. I also wanted to find a new way of keeping a travel diary. In my teens and early twenties, I used to make stunning photo albums and collect maps and entrance tickets that I glued on the pages to make the albums livelier and more colourful. Sort of scapbooking it was.

Writing in a foreign language is a challenging way to brush up language skills and to inhance them. I feel I’m up for both: publishing my previous work and to write new posts once in a while. During my recent marketing studies, my interest into content production began to grow. I was thinking that a website of my own would be a kind of portfolio to refer to when I’m asked to show what I’ve done. So, this is my way of taking steps to become a street-credible content creator :D.

Me and my partner H. are fans of the British Isles and rather hike in a bit of hail than lie on a tropical beach getting scorched. I chose the sunniest and prettiest pictures of mine to bring back the memories of spring 2015. I hope you enjoy reading my posts and perhaps you will find something for your bucket list of places worth visiting as soon coronavirus allows.


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